Did you know that many, many couples that I have married here in San Diego contacted me just a few days before their wedding?

I specialize in performing and officiating small, last minute weddings and elopements in San Diego, California.  It's totally possible to put together a beautiful, meaningful wedding ceremony in just a few days. As a San Diego wedding officiant, I've performed ceremonies in all kinds of unique places over the last 35 years. 

You'll need a marriage license to make your marriage "legal".  If you don't already have an appointment for San Diego County Clerks office for a marriage license, I have another location that issues marriage licenses without an appointment. It's a little bit of a drive, but lots of couples have been delighted to be able to obtain their marriage license there at the last minute, and their fee is half of what San Diego County is now charging!  That can pay for your gas and lunch :) 

How much does it cost for me to have a small wedding or to Elope in San Diego?

Did you know it is possible to have an amazing small wedding or last minute elopement on a super tight budget in San Diego? In fact, for about $500, you could have a beautiful ceremony on Coronado Beach, Sunset Cliffs or Balboa Park with up to 20 guests. These are locations that are open to the public and of course there are others.   I've included some ideas and photos in the section above.   My wedding officiant fees is $400 for the San Diego area (a bit more in North County).  I will perform your wedding ceremony and file the marriage license with the appropriate county afterwards. 

 The fee for a marriage license may vary across the state of California, a regular marriage license purchased from San Diego County now cost $129. 

Do I have to purchase my marriage license in San Diego County?

Absolutely not, a marriage license can be purchased from ANY California County Clerk's Office and used in San Diego. However, at the San Diego Clerks office, you MUST have an appointment.  Other counties have different requirements. For example a marriage license in San Diego cost about $129, in Orange County a marriage license is about $70 and doesn't require an appointment.  Be sure to check for details for the clerks office you decide to obtain your marriage license from. 

What if I don't have any witnesses to sign my marriage license at the ceremony?

In Calfiornia, you can purchase a "confidential license" from the county clerks office, they are generally more expensive, depending upon the county, but you won't need a witness to sign your marriage license. 

Isn't it easier to choose the date, location and time when you're planning a small last minute wedding or San Diego Elopement?  YES! 

Having fewer family and guests involved in your wedding planning gives you the ultimate flexibility and spontaneity to organize the details of a small wedding ceremony.  The two of you can choose the date, time, and location that works for you. Eliminate all of that stressful planning that could go on for months and cost a small fortune.   You can give yourself the gift of being present and relaxed.

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These locations don't require permits UNLESS you have more guests, decorations and/or chairs. 

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