* What is the phone number of the San Diego Marriage License Office
 also known as the San Diego County Clerk's Office?

619. 237. 0502

   * When can I get married after I receive my marriage license?

You can be married the very same day !  And your license is good for 90 days, so anytime in that window. 

How old do I have to be to obtain a marriage license in San Diego, California ? 

You must be 18 years old.  If you are under 18, you must contact the Juvenile Court at


* What kind of identification does the County of San Diego marriage license department require? 

You must present current, valid Government issued photo identification, showing your birth date

examples:  Passport, Driver's License, Military ID

 * Do I need proof of divorce or dissolution of my previous marriage?

Only if it has happened in the last 90 days.  Then you WILL need a copy of the decree with date and judges signature

​Do I HAVE TO HAVE AN APPOINTMENT to obtain a marriage license ? 
Yessss, and the number to make an appointment is 619.237.0502 be sure to arrive 15 minutes early

Is this license application that I print off from the website here enough to be married? 

NO!  You must both go together and bring the form to your appointment at the courthouse,

pay the fee and present current, valid government identification to get an official marriage license

Do I need a blood test?   No blood test is required in California for a marriage license

Do I have to be a California resident?  There are NO residency requirements

How do I get a certified copy of my marriage license after the wedding?

After we file the license at the County Clerks office, a certified copy is usually available in 2 weeks. 
Contact the office to request a certified copy, they are about $17. We suggest ordering 2, one for safe keeping.

Do I need a witness to sign the marriage license?  

Just one witness for a regular license.  If you purchase a "confidential marriage license",  you will not need a witness.

​​​​​​​​​​​San Diego marriage license information for San Diego Weddings. Offering easy, romantic & affordable wedding ceremonies in some of San Diego's very best locations

• How to get your "San Diego Marriage License" for San Diego wedding venues •

• Did you know, you can bring a marriage license from ANY County Clerks office in California
​ to be married here in San Diego?
• San Diego Clerks Office offers marriage licenses by APPOINTMENT ONLY.
Their website to set up an appointment is located here: www. adarcc.com

• Please plan ahead to get your marriage license ~  although we do have some work arounds to offer ! 
• ​
Your California marriage license can be used the day of purchase, and is good for 90 days. 

• Bring it to the ceremony, we'll sign after the wedding ceremony along with your one required witness,
and file it with the appropriate county after the ceremony. Regular marriage license cost $129  (1/2024) 
​(Confidential licenses don't require any witnesses and cost $144 as of 1/2024 )
  • Remember, you can use a marriage license purchased from
​ ANY County Clerks office in California to be married in San Diego.  

​ • YESSSS !  You can be married the same day you purchase your license!

• Again, remember for a San Diego County marriage license, an appointment is required.
• Please call the County Clerk's office/ or use their website  (sdarcc.com)
​ to confirm what documents they require you to bring
• Normally, it is CURRENT government issued photo ID. (passport, driver's license, military ID)

If you are under 18, there are other requirements.

• The application you will need to fill out for your appointment ahead of time. here

• San Diego County Marriage License office number is:

  619.237. 0502

• San Diego Marriage Licenses available by appointment at San Diego County Admin Bldg
1600 Pacific Highway Room 273 San Diego, CA 92101 
• Appointment hours are 8-4:30 ---(subject to change~DOUBLE CHECK !) 
Monday - Friday for all offices Closed major legal holidays
• You can be married the same day you obtain your license and up to 90 days afterwards.
Here is link to  SAN DIEGO COUNTY OFFICIAL website  


To receive a certified copy of your marriage license, after the wedding 
you will need to contact the county where you purchased the license directly
several weeks after the ceremony to obtain a certified copy of your marriage license.

They often will require a notarized form and $17. (subject to change)   We recommend getting

at least 2 copies to save having to repeat the process later to obtain another copy. 

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FAQ'S about marriage licenses 
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